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What is a Cookie?

Cookies are little pieces of information that websites send to your web browser; these information are stored on your computer and are sent back to websites during your following visits.

Why Cookies are used?

Cookies are used to provide different features to the user and are able to improve the website overall user experience. Cookies can’t damage your internet device. We can collect information about your referrer URL and other data (your operating system and web browser) even without the use of cookies. Cookies are enabled in most browsers by default, but it is possible to set their options in order to receive a warning when the website tries to send a cookie to your browser. You can also delete all cookies stored on your browser or just a part of them. We provide other information on web browser setting at the end of this document.

Cookie Types

Cookie can be grouped in three main categories:

  • Technical Cookies: are those whose storage is necessary to provide the services explicitly requested. We use them: to remember your login into this Website, to enable you to use shopping cart checkout.
  • Statistical Cookies: these performance cookies collect anonymous information on the visited pages. We use performance cookies to collect information about how visitors use our Website. All information these cookies collect are aggregated and remain anonymous; the information these cookies collect are used to improve our Website workability.
  • Targeting Cookies: are designed to create user profiles that are used for marketing purposes based on the preferences shown during the navigation..

Cookies cal also be grouped in:

  • First Party Cookies: cookies that are set directly by this website.
  • Third Party Cookies: these cookies are set by third parties, consequentially we are not directly responsible for data they collect through these cookies. An example of third party cookies are those set by Google or Facebook services.

Cookies Used On This Website

Strictly Necessary Cookies
These cookies are “strictly necessary” to provide services to you; the allowance of these cookies is a condition of using this Website. We do not save your personal information.

dw_cookie_consent This Cookie is used to register your consent to the cookies of this site. 1 year First party
qTranslate_Cookie_Test This cookie saves the user default language settuing. 1 year First party

Third Party Cookies
These cookies are used to collect anonymous information regarding the website usage and to allow third party services (Social Network, Maps ecc.).

_ga, _gat Google analytics cookies. Third party

You can have more information about these cookies on the following links:

How can you disable cookies?

There are different ways to deal with cookies and other tracking technologies. Here are some instructions for the most common web browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer


Google Chrome


Mozilla Firefox


Apple Safari

If you do not use any of these browser you can check your browser guide to find out how to disable cookies.

Cookie Google Analytics

You can disable Google Analytics Cookies only with this plugin:

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How you can contact us?

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